Thursday 4th June 10.20-5pm

Fellinis Cinema in Ambleside


Live Link to the Centenary AGM


the Royal Albert Hall

Welcome by Sylvia Foreman –Rydal President-

Started at 10.30 - Janice Langley explained that they were altering the order of things as the Royal Party were arriving later.

Appointment of returning officers and tellers

Adoption of standing orders

The Royal Party arrived

We sang God Save the Queen,
Jerusalem and the procession of the Centenary Link Baton was received by The Queen.


The Queen gave her excellent address , 3 young Grandchildren of WI members gave bouquets to the Queen, Princess Anne and The Duchess of Wessex. and the Royal Party departed to cut the Centenary Fruit cake

                      Chair's address

Live broadcast link up - Anglesey Federation
                Guest speaker: Lucy Worsley-

Constitutional (Ordinary) Resolution
Federations to become incorporated
This meeting welcomes the decision of unincorporated
federations to become incorporated under the terms of the Articles of
Association of County/ Island Federations, adopted by the NFWI in 2013. Inaccordance with County/ Island Federation Rule 66, this meeting hereby ratifies the decision of the said unincorporated federation to dissolve.

Moved by: the Chair

              Resolution on Public
Affairs issues: (Ordinary) Resolution
Failing to care -assessment
of need in long-term care

"This meeting calls on HM government to
remove the distinction between nursing care and personal care in the assessment
of the needs of individuals, in order to advance health and wellbeing."

Moved by North Duffield WI, North Yorkshire
East Federation

Presentation to prize winners

Lunch  interval   12.45- 2.15 -

Singing for Joy - winning choir performance

Live broadcast link up - Great Torrington WI,
Devon Federation

Announcement of the new NFWI Board of Trustees

              Guest speaker: Baroness Grey-Thompson DBE


Live broadcast link up- The Social Lites WI,
Cheshire Federation

              Guest speaker: Helena Morrissey CBE

Chair's remarks

Kingston  Project Fashion Show- Marylou Semple’s granddaughter
Pippa Harries a student of Kingston College has
worked on the fashion show. (Marylou is in Rydal WI)


Finish at 5pm.

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