The Buckingham Palace Garden Party

Members of every WI were invited to the Special Garden Party


Celebrate our Centerary.

Tuesday June 2nd 2015 3-5pm

attended by the Duchess of Cornwall.


The original Calendar Girls met Camila


Tricia Stewart, seen here was played by Helen Mirren in the film.

Sylvia, Peggy, Ros and Jill were lucky to receive a ticket.

Pat and Myra from Grasmere

and Pauline from Hawkshead got together on the day.

We all had a brilliant day, we saw loads of fabulous outfits,


and the sun finally came out and the wind caused much hilarity with hats flying everywhere.






    Princess Sophie                                      Princess Alexander                   Duchess  of Gloucester

Photos from the BBC as cameras and phones were banned-


Here is the massive queue to go into the front entrance. It took about an hour to go past security, much excited chatter,

Sylvia in cream is seen on the edge, with Peggy in between 2 ladies.

Pauline , Peggy, Ros, Jill, Sylvia and Pat just before we go in. Peggy is holding her hat as the wind was very strong.



  We pose outside Buckingham Palace - Ros, Jill, Pat (Grasmere) , Sylvia, Peggy and Pauline (Hawkshead)


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